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6 Things Essential for a Successful Fashion Business

What is the secret recipe that can help you achieve success in the fashion industry?  Here is a brief description of six essential things ranging from creation and concept to marketing and sales. Things that are fundamental to run a fashion business in a successful manner.

Production and Design

Design taking production in consideration. While designing, you must always think about the production of goods in large quantities. No just a small sample. Utilization of special machinery, labor intensive details, long lead times and large minimums for materials are things quite crucial for your business and can make or break your brand.
Adhere to a particular fit model.  Do not keep changing fit models in between fittings.  Choose one and continue to stick with him/her, else you will fail to manage a consistent fit. And if you possess a bad fit, this ultimately means NO SALES!

Marketing And Sales

Keep the appropriate tools in your sales kit.  The correct tools don’t just include the order forms and line sheets, but also determine suitable path to access the buyers.
Do not attempt to serve an unusually wide market.  Whenever you are setting up a fashion business line don’t utilize each and every platform provided by the social media.  However, it is preferable to concentrate on some specific marketing activities. Really dig deep inside them instead of trying to do everything.  You will ultimately fail to make any significant impact.

PR And Social Media

Act patiently and try to comprehend the working of media cycle.  It is extremely important for novel brands to recognize that getting media placements is time consuming.  Magazines in the fashion business work on issues 4-6 months out. Even online outlets often work 60-90 days out.  Even if you possess a PR agency, managing editorial coverage can still take a lot of time.  If you do it yourself, it might take more than 6 months to actually start getting placements.
Always remember the follow up.  Follow-up plays a key role in this type of business, no matter if it is with a media outlet or a buyer. The people who are involved in the fashion industry receive loads of information as well as numerous images and emails throughout the day. Your brand WILL disappear in this clutter.  So be sure to schedule time for follow-up.

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