Custom Labeling Can move you Clothing Line to the Next Level.

Custom Labeling, Hang TagsSo, you just got the final artwork for your clothing line and you are getting ready to have your first run of garments printed.  Have you thought about the presentation of  your final product?  How it looks?  How it makes your customers feel?  You should! In order to stand out in a crown you need Custom Labeling for your product.

Up until this point you have spent hundreds of hours researching and finding your niche. You have spent tons of money on a designer and just as much on a website and the list goes on and on.  So, why not the final look of your product?  The Packaging?  The Branding?  This is your adventure, your business, be proud of products that you sell and remember, first impressions matter.   Your customers are gonna be spending their hard earned money and they want to feel good about what they are buying.  This is where the details matter.   Set yourself above your competition by using all of the resources available…Garment RelabelingHang Tags – Folding and bagging.

At Minimum, I believe it’s a necessity, consider adding some sort of  Custom labeling to your garments.  The tread today seems to be a “Tagless” print.  This is a very cost effective way to give your logo, url or other information a permanent place on every garment that you sell.  Not many screen printing companies offer this service so find one that does and make the investment…your bottom line will thank you.

Secondary to re-labeling your garments are Hang Tags, Folding and bagging.  There are more, but for the sake of this blog, this will do and the term custom labeling will be used to cover all the different types.  All three of the mentioned items are very important for the branding of your line and making it complete and professional.  All three are also temporary but there is a lot added value to utilizing these simple branding methods.  So consider your options and what is right for you…what ever you do, make your product stand out in a crowd.