Garment Relabeling Service

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Now that you got the shirts picked and the artwork finalized, it is time to think about the final look of your product. Consider relabeling your garments and adding hang tags to create a professional looking product for your customers.

Custom t-shirt tags are the perfect way to set your clothing line apart from the rest of the industry. We have been working with our customers for years helping them create the perfect custom clothing label for their line of pre printed shirts.

We also excel in the printing and creation of custom hang tags for clothing. Whether we apply the hang tag to your garment or you do, either way the result is the same… a more professional product that will not look out of place in any store.

1. We can relabel most any garment you have.

2. We screen print your new label on the inside of your shirts in place of the original.

3. Low Minimums (Contact customer service for relabeling minimums)

The best way to put your business above the competition is with custom t-shirt labels with your logo. Build your brand and keep the customers coming back.

We can create your custom clothing labels if you prefer…contact us for details.

Here’s how we do it.

We REMOVE the manufacturer’s old label: As a standard process we cut the existing label out (some garments are available with “tear-away” tags)

We remove the old label

We screen print your new label in the collar of the shirt.

Some Samples of Past Labels from our Shop

Garment Relabeling Service Garment Relabeling Service Garment Relabeling Service

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